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Unprecedented access to high quality real estate loan investments

How wORKVI help Kameo scale their team to meet growing demand


Kameo is changing the way real estate investments are made by using the power of crowdfunding. Kameo’s crowdfunding platform for real estate loan investments make it possible for real estate developers and firms to seek financing directly from the crowd, the investors, instead of only relying on the banks. This dynamic creates unprecedented access to high quality real estate loan investments for individuals and companies.


The demand for Kameo’s crowdfunding platform continues to increase at a fast rate. Since their operational inception in 2016, Kameo’s product market fit has been very strong. The market had long been waiting for a solution that could reduce the distance between borrowers and lenders, helping investors get better returns while more property developers and entrepreneurs gain access to financing. The increasing growth put pressure on Kameo to quickly build their team and onboard new talent to meet demand. Kameo turned to Workvi to help them ramp up quickly and seize growth opportunities.


More than excellent qualifications, it is vital for Kameo that their new team members are aligned with their core values: to be open, inclusive, humble and responsible. In Kameo’s ambition of becoming the biggest real estate crowdfunding platform in the Nordics, the strength of their team is one of the pillars of success. To Kameo, a strong CV is impressive and a carefully planned LinkedIn-profile is nice, but the most important part and the key to success is the person behind all that and that she or he shares the core values that drives their company forward: openess, inclusiveness, humility and responsibility.

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“We use Workvi because of their ability to quickly understand our culture and recruitment needs, and then quickly find the people we need, both in Sweden and Denmark.”

Sebastian Harung, Co-Founder Kameo


For all roles Workvi start custom searches for candidates matching Kameo’s requirements. After our screening process, the strongest candidates are presented with complete profiles including a Video Interview, CV as well as LinkedIn and a summary of our screening.

Having a resume and LinkedIn profile complemented with a Video Interview of candidates allow Kameo to get a snapshot of the person behind the credentials and make a more informed decision on who they invite to an interview, and why.

Workvi continuously help Kameo grow their team and meet increasing demand, supporting their goal of becoming the biggest real estate crowdfunding platform in the Nordics. By having Workvi as a partner in talent acquisition, Kameo now has a strong competitive advantage when it comes to scaling their team and can seize more growth opportunities, faster, than their competitors.

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