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Our favourite TOOLS to make our lives easier

By using the right web apps (tools) you can unlock unbelievably value and efficiency for your team and your clients. But if you don’t know the landscape, it’s a jungle. New tools are being released at every hour of the day.

We use tools all the time, and are always on the lookout for more solutions to help us save time, increase efficiency, improve experience, and a lot more. So here is a collection of our favourite tools, the best of the best of all we have ever used!

Favourite Tools

SLACK - Communication

If you don’t know Slack, all you need to know is that it is the KING of communication and you are missing out if you’re not using it. In that case, get it, now! We use slack for all internal communication, setting reminders, automating notifications for project management flows, and even for client communication. Seriously, if you don’t use Slack for internal communication but use traditional ways like emails and tap-on-the-shoulder communication, you really need to step up the communication game!

Loom - Communication

Apart from Slack, Loom might actually be our most favourite tool. A picture says a thousand words right? Well a video says even more, and with Loom you can easily record screen captures combined with video to make it not only efficient, but personal as well. We use it for all communication where a short video is much better than an email. We use it for internal communication, to explain workflows, to onboard new team members, for support related issues, etc. Extremely versitale and worthwhile – try it!

Process Street - Workflow Management

Process Street is check lists 2.0. If you are even the tiniest bit as obsessed with systematising and building repeatable processes and workflows as we are, you will love Build workflows, standardise processes, initiate checklist, etc. Everything you do that is recurring and repeatable you can augment with process street and make your life easier. We use it to standardise workflows for onboarding, sales and operations. - Video Calls

We do almost all our meetings using video. To that end we have tried countless solutions. UberConference, Zoom, Google Meets and even Skype once. And then we found from our Norwegian neighbours, and it is simply the best choice. Incredibly easy to use for everyone involved. If you do any meetings using video, try - Mail

If you use the right way you’ll feel like a wizard. With prospect you can find the email adress to almost anyone, as long as it is publicly available somewhere online prospect will find it. You can also get email addresses straight from LinkedIn profiles, which is great for prospecting. But the real power of prospect is in the email drip campaigns, automate all your repeatable email outreach and track all the important stuff (opens, clicks, reply rates etc). We relied solely on cold emails + prospect to get our very first clients, and at one point our team peaked in volume at about 100 send emails a day before anyone was even at the office. Don’t you just love automation?

Zapier - Integration

If Slack is the king of communications, Zapier is the KING of integrations. You can use Zapier to connect virtually any web apps to eachother, just have a look on their examples and you’ll see that the use cases are limitless. We use Zapier to create webhooks, connect Trello to Slack, connect Process Street to Slack, connect Google Drive to Slack, etc. If you have ever caught yourself thinking ‘it would be nice if I could connect this app thing with this thing on that app when this happens’ then look no further than Zapier.

Station - Productivity

Zapier is king of integration, just the way Station is KING of consolidation. Station is a meta-tool, a tool for your tools, where you can gather all the apps you use on a daily basis, in ONE simple access point – the Station. If you start to create the habit of firing up Station everytime you open your laptop to work, you’ll be amazed at the efficiency improvements and never look back.

Biteable - Marketing

Biteable is the best resource out there for creating videos. Its beyond good, as you can actually create professionally looking videos in minutes, try it for a month to up your content marketing and you’ll thank us later.

Scrive - E-sign

If you still pen and paper, print contracts in PDF, sign, scan and waste time – you should really get a e-signing solution. There is really no excuse for not having a smooth signing experience, as there are a multitude of solutions out there. Scrive is the best one we’ve used. Easily transfer your contracts, assign signing parties, click send and your done. You’ll also see when your counter party has viewed or opened the contract. If you think about, isn’t a smooth signing process the b2b equivalent of a smooth shopping cart experience for b2c? Get Scrive and you will never scan a PDF contract again in your life.

Siftery - Tech Stacks

Siftery is another meta tool, a tool for tools. Use it to peak under the hood of companies you like, or why not competitors? On Siftery you will find the Technology Stacks (the collection of tools) of alot of companies. Perfect way to get inspired or find new tools, or just see what your competition is using.

Albacross - Lead Generation & Marketing

Always know who’s looking around on your website and where they looked. We use albacross every day to see who is visiting us, a great way to get new leads! More than that you can set up retargeting and targeted campaigns. Albacross, created in Sweden, has been growing their user base alot since they launched in the USA and we suspect it might be the next big thing – so check it out!

Trustmary - Testimonials

Not really a tool – but so good it had to be included. Did you know that testimonials convert more than almost anything else? If you have happy clients (and we hope that you do) you should really let trustmary help you create video testimonials showcasing what you do. When you get in contact with trustmary, tell them Workvi sent you!