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Find the next superstar for your growing enterpise

We help you find and hire A Players for your key roles in Europe
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Find The Next Superstar for your Growing Enterprise

We help you find and hire A Players for your Key Roles in Europe
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We’re the executive search firm to leverage when candidate choice is critical

All too often in the world of ‘Executive Search’, clients are faced with the prospect of choosing their next leader from a list of job seekers, rather than discovering what true talents are out there. This can have a detrimental effect on project rollouts, employee morale, sales revenues, and your public profile if the right candidate isn’t chosen the first time.

Whilst in some cases an ‘on-the-market’ candidate might be perfect, it’s often that the superstar you need to be meeting with is doing great work for another organisation. We’ll be happy to open the doors for you.

Your Expectations Exceeded

We know that there’s a lot at stake for you in choosing the right candidate. Because we are a small team, and like to keep it that way, we only focus on a few placements at a time – ensuring that we are never spread to thin.

When you work together with us, you can expect the absolute best candidates to be put forward, vetted and ready to talk about how they can take your business to new levels.

We know that you’ve got a lot on the line when hiring key people, so we make sure we do too. To show we’re serious about getting the strongest candidate for you, we guarantee your new hire for a full 6 months. So if the unexpected were to happen, we’ll refund you 100% of the success fee, substantially reducing your risk from day one.

“I would recommend Workvi to any company looking to recruit specific competence, when they are very picky with who they want to hire –and have high demands on the candidates.


We’ve been in contact with lot of the bigger firms and they usually have very rigid processes of how they recruit people. They put up an ad online and wait for people to apply and they might have a database of people to contact. For us that seemed a little bit old-fashioned. We know exactly what type of candidates we want. Workvi helps us in finding those specific candidates – by headhunting them.


Workvi are very quick in their search. We’ve had calls with them on a, let’s say a Thursday afternoon and given the requirements on what we are looking for. On Friday they have already found a few candidates. Then of course they have to make the calls – and the candidates must complete Video Interviews. So maybe within four or five days we might actually have a video interview with a top candidate!”


– Björn Granberg, Co-founder SkimSafe

“We are very happy with the recruitments that we have done with Workvi. They have people that really understand what I am trying to say.

The people that we have recruited have been able to quickly get into what they need to do and be productive in our environment, which has been a challenge in the past. That’s why we are really satisfied with Workvi!
While recruiting, we have the challenge that we are looking for people that are both deeply analytical but that can also quickly grasp the business of a client. It’s the kind of candidate profile that is usually spread on two different people, but we need to get both qualities in the same person!


We are very happy with the recruitments that we have done with Workvi. They have people that really understand what I am trying to say. Our challenge is to try to package this profile  and describe the kind of people that we need and I had a feeling that Workvi had a good understanding of who I was trying to recruit. The results have shown that the match was good –  We definitely believe that they can support us with the right talents in the future!


– Jonas Nordquist, Director at Vuealta

Meet the Team

Tobias Bengstdahl

Tobias is a Stockholm School of Economics alumni with experience from the startup space working for et al. Wolt (EQT Ventures & Atomico) and Budbee (Kinnevik & H&M) before co-founding Workvi. An INTP (use if you don’t know your MB-type) passionate about efficiency and scalability, prefer doubling down and solving problems permanently rather than case by case.

Podcasts he recommends:
The Tim Ferriss Show

The Joe Rogan Experience

Book he recommends:
Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

Benjamin Warberg

Benjamin is a Stockholm School of Economics alumni. Before co-founding Workvi he was at SEB and Livingstone. An ENTP (use if you don’t know your MB-type) obsessed with Business Models and time compression (working smarter vs. harder). Passionate about constant learning.

Blog he recommends:
Farnam Street – A Signal in a World of Full of Noise

Books he recommends:
Sapiens – A Short History of Humankind

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

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